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The British Wrestlers Reunion is proud to dedicate this page as a direct link to the brilliant Wrestling Heritage Site which is run by the 'Riot Squad' comprising two of the most knowledgeable wrestling historians in the business.




With the dawn of a new year Wrestling Heritage is just nine months old. We are able to look back over those nine months with a sense of achievement as the site has established itself as a significant feature on the internet landscape.


Our stated intention of offering a modern-day perspective on what was a hugely popular spectator sport nationwide may well have sounded grand, but we also wanted to make sure that both authors and readers had a lot of fun. We think we can justifiably claim to have at least started to achieve our goal, and entertained thousands of readers along the way. We urge newcomers to our pages to read our original editorial, by which we set out our stall, so to speak, Editorial: Sport or Spectacle?


To say that we have been astounded by the readership is something of an understatement. We knew that many of our friends from the wrestling forums would be likely readers, but where did all the others come from? Most surprising, and pleasing, is the correspondence received from those who did not consider themselves interested in wrestling until they read Wrestling Heritage. It is obvious that there remains a huge interest in the  glory days of professional wrestling.


Eight months ago readers may well have wondered whether we would still be around by the end of the year. That was understandable. We would be surprised if anyone doubts our ability, or intention, to be around by the end of 2008, or for many years to come.


What does the year ahead promise? We have hundreds of more names to add to the A-Z section, and quite a few will deserve Shining Stars treatment. Armchair Corner has found a snug place in many homes it seems. We’ve still got a good few years to go in our Year Of Wrestling section. Our love of the sport will continued to be demonstrated in the Autographs section, and those words that don’t fit elsewhere will be written in the Features section.


We need to expand our horizons also, and we will be sharing new ideas in the months ahead. The first of those expansions is Heritage Chat. This is not a general fans forum, but does offer readers the opportunity to interact. Please use Heritage Chat as a market place or to seek, and give, information on wrestlers of the golden years.


Many readers have taken the opportunity to join our membership list and we ask others to join by simply sending a message with the title SUBSCRIBE to   


We end by wishing all readers a Happy New Year, thank you for dropping by, and hope you will continue to enjoy doing so in 2008.


Oh, and have a good week until next week…..


The Riot Squad


With well over seventy articles now on line make sure you have not missed some of 2007's highlights:

Nearly twenty articles in the Features section delve into the background of the wrestling business. The most popular features have been Twenty Famous Venues and Johnny Saint and Jim Breaks Get Verbal. Our personal favourites include...


First In Last Out 

Speciality Manoeuvres 

Independent We Stand 

Wrestlings Most Influential

Blood, Sweat and Speedway

A Legend In Our Midst


Re-live the golden years of British wrestling in A Year of Wrestling. Select a year from 1946 until 1958, with many more to come.

Wrestling in Peacetime

Laying the Foundations

Miles, Myths and Masks

Spies to the East, Wrestlers to the West

For some mysterious reason the letter B has consistently proved the most popular of our A-Z pages. Could it be something to do with Breaks, Bartelli, Barnes, Bridges or Boscik?

Who was the Red Shadow?.......... Who was the son of The Legionnaire?....... When did Johnny Saint turn professional?..........Who had the misfortune of meeting Jack Pye in his first professional bout?.............Who defeated Karloffe Lagarde in the Pueblo Stadium. Mexico, to take the World Welterweight Title?


Shining Stars are those men we admire most for one reason or another. Read on and we think you'll understand why. See the index for the full list, but here are a selection of the most popular.

The Shy Shooter of the North

The Turbulent Trailblazer

Perfect Asymmetry

The Wigan Peer

Unravelling The Strings of the Mask

If anyting shows our genuine love of the sport then it must be the Autographs section. These gems have been hidden away for close on forty years, but the miracle of the www makes them more widely available than ever before.

The shaky writing shows that this one was straight after a bout........

The home made efforts of a young and devoted fan....

The overpriced programmes made priceless by a hasty scribble.....

Publicity Materials.......

Settle down and re-live those World of Sport days. The kettle has boiled, the biscuit tin is out, and it's grapple time once again in Armchair Corner.

Shenanigans, Skulduggery and Betrayal

Spring Heeled and Surly

Beltless but Bouqeted

Crowd Control of the Purest Kind

Slidin' and Sprawlin' Joe

Not forgetting.......


News........Comments.........Heritage Chat 

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